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“Fashion is what you wear and how you wear it, remember you make the outfit.”

— Milford Group CEO

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Podcasts combine humor and the ups and downs that women face when dealing with the stages of menopause and a career and life in general. We do a little research on the way so that you can also see what the experts say as well. So join me once a week as we dive in and discuss our M(enopause)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’m new to listening to this podcast but because I’m a woman experiencing the Big M I can’t wait to hear it.

— Excited to hear

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I’m in my late 20’s and I have awhile before menopause I just would like to know just a little more in a not so serious way.

— Christy


New Lifestyle Blog

TMGROUP is going in a different direction the first of the year. So much has happened over these last several years and some of our services we were no longer able to provide due to Covid-19 restrictions. So we had to make a collective decision to move in a different direction. Starting in January TMGLIFESTYLE… More

He Want’s My Money

Got A Question? Ask Nichelle. Dear Ask Nichelle, I’ve been married for several years and during the pandemic quarantine me and my spouse started having some communication issues along with other problems, I make a substantial amount more than him and we decided it’s best if we parted ways because we don’t want it to… More

My New Magic Converse

Featured Converse Mystic Platforms So I love buying new items that kinda test the limits of what’s the norm. But I was online this Black Friday and I saw these absolutely cute high top platform converse. They have these cute stars and moons and on the inside of the shoe it’s just absolutely to cute.… More


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