What Is A Doula? Benefits And Cost Of A Birth Doula For Pregnancy

I enjoy helping women bring happy and healthy babies into this world, I’m a little more extensive than your average doula. But I’ve included a excerpt from a article in Health magazine about the benefits of hiring a doula.

What are the benefits of having a doula?
For starters, they can help improve the birth experience for any spouses or support persons present at the birth of your baby. “One of the unexpected benefits of having a doula support your birth is getting your partner involved to the extent that you’re both comfortable. I’ve had clients whose spouses were a little standoffish—they want to be helpful, but it’s really hard to see someone you love in pain,” shares Vanessa Hawke, certified doula at Bebo Mia, a training and mentorship organization for birth workers. “Their first instinct at birth may be to suggest pain meds—which, sometimes, is totally fine. But if the client has already said they don’t want any pain meds, having someone bringing it up a lot can feel discouraging and frustrating.”

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