Why Concierge Healthcare Advocacy Is Beneficial To Employee’s and Employers.

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Consumers are spending more and get lower-quality healthcare results.

If your that person that feels like when you go to your doctor’s appointment it’s rush like you’re cattle and they are moving the herd out as fast as possible. Well great news! That’s what’s great about concierge healthcare advocacy, you’re made a priority and your doctor has to give you what you pay for. Time. This is a excerpt of a article I read talking about concierge healthcare.

Consumers are no match for a healthcare system that can seem complex, inefficient, and expensive, and the employers offering their health insurance often are the ones who pay the price in higher premiums and medical expenses. Some are seeing the benefit in health plans that offer more handholding to guide consumers through the experience.

Concierge-type services have been offered for years, but they often were seen as a perk for top-tier clients, a way to help the lucky few avoid the hassle that the typical consumer experiences in the healthcare system. The outlook is changing now that employers are seeing the potential for better care and reduced costs by offering personalized assistance to the rank and file worker. (Healthcaremedia)

Benefits Of Concierge Service’s

  • Detailed Services Request
  • Reduced Productivity Loss
  • Healthier Staff
  • Lower Healthcare Claims
  • HR Dept. Not Loaded With Paperwork

Sounds like something your interested in providing for your employees? Let us help.