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TMGROUP is going in a different direction the first of the year. So much has happened over these last several years and some of our services we were no longer able to provide due to Covid-19 restrictions. So we had to make a collective decision to move in a different direction. Starting in January TMGLIFESTYLE will become a lifestyle blog that still provides great informative information about staying healthy, great meal ideas, fashion and beauty and great products you can purchase. We will also have an advice columnist who will answer questions concerning life’s many issues. We hope you will continue to follow us and share your thoughts. Well wishes and see you in the new year.

He Want’s My Money

Got A Question? Ask Nichelle.

Dear Ask Nichelle, I’ve been married for several years and during the pandemic quarantine me and my spouse started having some communication issues along with other problems, I make a substantial amount more than him and we decided it’s best if we parted ways because we don’t want it to turn nasty and become bitter. He recently asked me to pay him spousal support and now its about to get bitter because I worked hard for this money and my career. Help me because I don’t want to catch a case over this divorce.

Sincerely It’s My Money

Dear It’s My Money, First of all don’t catch a case dealing with this issue, your sanity is more important than going to jail because you had to put your hands on someone. What I would recommend is to first check the laws in your state and see what they say about how long you have to be married before you can claim spousal support. Then for future reference anytime after this marriage, since you said in your letter that you make a substantial amount of money you should stipulate that whatever you came in the marriage with is what you will leave with, their call “prenups”. Now to close out this part may bite a little but like the old folks say we learn from our mistakes, depending on the laws in your state you may have to pay but make sure you get a good divorce attorney who is very competent and will fight hard for you. That being said I’m sorry and I hope everything works out for you.

Sincerely Nichelle.

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My New Magic Converse


Converse Mystic Platforms

So I love buying new items that kinda test the limits of what’s the norm. But I was online this Black Friday and I saw these absolutely cute high top platform converse. They have these cute stars and moons and on the inside of the shoe it’s just absolutely to cute. I know I keep saying absolutely cute a lot but they are. Take a look

Mystical magic moons and stars, Absolutely cute.

Take a look inside and see the collection of colorful zodiac signs.

Sweating Is Healthy, but Are You Sweating Too Much?

I remember there was a time when I would never sweat, I was always asked do you sweat because everyone else would be sweating and I wouldn’t have a drop of sweat on me. But now that I’m older I’m making up for all the times I didn’t sweat. So let’s take a look at sweating and can you sweat to much? I did a little research and looked up an article on Real Simple for some answers.

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We all sweat—and for good reason. The body produces sweat to help regulate body temperature, and sweating can be caused by “changes in your body temperature, the outside temperature, or your emotional state,” explains dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD, founder and medical director of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Birmingham, Ala., and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

“When body temperature rises due to a warm environment or physical activity, the autonomic nervous system signals eccrine sweat glands,” says New York City–based dermatologist Hadley King, MD. These glands, which are located throughout the skin, are concentrated on the palms, soles, forehead, and armpits. “When sweat is produced, it promotes heat loss through evaporation.” The result: a much cooler you. A good thing, considering that if we didn’t sweat, the body would be unable to cool itself, which can ultimately put you in danger of overheating, or worse, heatstroke.

So is it possible that the body could sweat to much and you would overheat like a car? Let’s find out.

What is excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis?

While sweating is an essential bodily function, determining a normal amount is really a you thing. People have been known to sweat as little as a single liter or as much as several liters per day, depending on their activity. When you’re dripping copious amounts of sweat, though, and it’s not tied to heat or exercise, this phenomenon, called hyperhidrosis, can certainly be an issue.

“Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a medical condition whereby the sweat glands are triggered by the nerves to produce too much sweat,” Dr. Hartman explains. There are two types: primary focal hyperhidrosis and secondary generalized hyperhidrosis.

Primary focal hyperhidrosis, which Dr. Hartman says occurs typically in the armpits, hands, and feet, affects more than 15 million people in the U.S., and can understandably “be embarrassing and interfere with normal daily activities when severe,” making even the simplest tasks, like holding a pen, difficult. Excessive sweating may also be more psychologically damaging than physically damaging, adds Dr. Hartman.

So we found out that sweating is really a good thing for your body, it helps you cool down. Also you don’t want to sweat to much because then that can lead to a serious medical condition that could become embarrassing and interfere with your normal daily routine. If you think you may have Hyperhidrosis please contact your primary care physician.

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Maternal Mental Health

I want to talk a little about mental health today, as we recognize maternal mental health this month. First, I’m not a mental health professional but I’m a maternal health advocate and critical incident professional so I have experience dealing with individuals in both areas.

What’s Maternal Mental Health?

According to The World Health Organization, Worldwide about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth experience a mental disorder, primarily depression. In developing countries this is even higher, i.e. 15.6% during pregnancy and 19.8% after child birth. In severe cases mothers’ suffering might be so severe that they may even commit suicide. In addition, the affected mothers cannot function properly. As a result, the children’s growth and development may be negatively affected as well. Maternal mental disorders are treatable. Effective interventions can be delivered even by well-trained non-specialist health providers.

Who’s At Risk?

Virtually all women can develop mental disorders during pregnancy and in the first year after delivery, but poverty, migration, extreme stress, exposure to violence (domestic, sexual and gender-based), emergency and conflict situations, natural disasters, and low social support generally increase risks for specific disorders.

Effects of maternal mental disorders after birth on the mother and the infant

After the birth, the mother with depression suffers a lot and may fail to adequately eat, bathe or care for herself in other ways. This may increase the risks of ill health. The risk of suicide is also a consideration, and in psychotic illnesses, the risk of infanticide, though rare, must be taken into consideration.

Very young infants can be affected by and are highly sensitive to the environment and the quality of care, and are likely to be affected by mothers with mental disorders as well. Prolonged or severe mental illness hampers the mother-infant attachment, breastfeeding and infant care.

Where Can You Find Help?

We want every mom expecting and those who have delivered already to know you don’t have to suffer in silence. We have a link at the end that has alot of great resources if you’re in need of help.