He Want’s My Money

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Dear Ask Nichelle, I’ve been married for several years and during the pandemic quarantine me and my spouse started having some communication issues along with other problems, I make a substantial amount more than him and we decided it’s best if we parted ways because we don’t want it to turn nasty and become bitter. He recently asked me to pay him spousal support and now its about to get bitter because I worked hard for this money and my career. Help me because I don’t want to catch a case over this divorce.

Sincerely It’s My Money

Dear It’s My Money, First of all don’t catch a case dealing with this issue, your sanity is more important than going to jail because you had to put your hands on someone. What I would recommend is to first check the laws in your state and see what they say about how long you have to be married before you can claim spousal support. Then for future reference anytime after this marriage, since you said in your letter that you make a substantial amount of money you should stipulate that whatever you came in the marriage with is what you will leave with, their call “prenups”. Now to close out this part may bite a little but like the old folks say we learn from our mistakes, depending on the laws in your state you may have to pay but make sure you get a good divorce attorney who is very competent and will fight hard for you. That being said I’m sorry and I hope everything works out for you.

Sincerely Nichelle.

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