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Educating your employees on a broad selection of topics should be top of mind for every employer who want’s to make sure they are staying connected with their employees.

Let us come and provide educational classes for your employees on a variety of topics.

Navigating Healthcare

What if one of your employees asked you if a certain procedure was covered under the companies healthcare plan, Covid-19 contact tracing resource, navigating a cancer diagnosis. We can help educate and help your employees navigate the healthcare industry.

Maternal Health

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, We would love to give you a little more information on preparing for pregnancy, self-care while pregnant, maternal mortality and morbidity, postpartum and Our New Segment “Diaper Dad’s”.

Mental Health

The pandemic has created stress for alot of us, sometimes we just need to talk to someone to release the pressure. We can help you with more information.

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We would love to come and speak to your employees about these very important topics. Please signup today.

“I really enjoyed the lesson. I certainly would recommend this to total beginners and to people like myself who need to consolidate the knowledge that they have attained over time.”
Beth S.

“The lesson was excellent and well structured. I now have a much better understanding about maternal health, maternal mortality and postpartum. It was the best way to get me prepare for pregnancy.
Christy W.