Trump Admin Promotes Coverage Fails to Cover Women’s Health Needs | Commonwealth Fund

Broad Insurance Coverage Is Vital to Women’s Health

Women use more health care than men. In addition to reproductive health care needs, such as contraception and maternity services, women are more likely to experience certain diseases, such as lung cancer, and are at a high risk for others, like cardiovascular disease. Thirty percent of nonelderly adult women have a preexisting condition that would make them ineligible for coverage without the ACA’s guarantee. Given these diverse needs, a broad array of health services is essential to women’s health and well-being.

The marketing materials for the short-term and HCSM plans only provide limited information on covered services. For example, some note that the plan covers prescriptions but do not provide a formulary. As a result, our analysis focused on broad categories of coverage:

preventive services, such as contraceptives and screenings for cancer and other chronic conditions
maternity care
prescription drugs (because women are more likely to use prescription medications than men)
mental health and substance use treatment (because women experience depression and anxiety at higher rates than men).

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Supreme Court says employers may opt out of ACA’s birth control mandate | The Texas Tribune

The court ruled on the Trump administration’s decision to expand the types of organizations that could opt out of providing cost-free access to birth control.
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