Creating Healthy employees.

Every company should want and desire to have healthy employees, that should be a goal you strive to achieve.

When running a business employers should make it your top priority to ensure that your employees have the ability to stay healthy and happy at the same time. When any of your employees are lacking any of the following attributes than several things can follow. Staying mentally, socially and physically in shape should be number one on your list.

Why Should Business Care About Employee Wellbeing

Lower turnover

For a thriving business, you need thriving employees. So it’s no surprise that when an employee is thriving, engaged and enjoying their work, they’re less likely to look for another job.

When it comes to running a business, turnover should worry you. This is because turnover can only mean negative effects on a business. When staff members quit, there are a few reactions that can take place in a business. Firstly, work doesn’t get done, leading to clients potentially being left waiting and/or their work being placed further down the list of importance.

The next pain that comes from turnovers is the cost of hiring somebody new. This can be unexpectedly pricey for a business, especially when there can sometimes be a shortage of talent, in the local talent pool. This can make for a long time to find the best person. If, like many other businesses, you cant find the best person, you’ll have to settle. This means hiring someone who can only do parts of the job, then training them up.

More productive and hard working

As an employer, employee health and wellbeing does more than just making them happy at work. It’s proven that promoting health at work can make an employee more productive, too.

Happier and healthier employees are shown to regularly outperform those who are in organisations which do not promote health and wellbeing. This is important to note, because for a long time, management believed investing in employee health schemes to be a waste of money, yielding little rewards for the business.

In recent years, this has changed. Through people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and other influential figures advocating corporate health and happiness, health has become a more widely accepted part of the corporate culture. However, beyond this anecdotal evidence, studies are showing that the healthier your employees, the more productive and harder working they become.

This can be confirmed through a number of measurements and studies. For example, the Queens School of Business and the Gallup Organization found that absenteeism, workplace accidents and errors go up when employees are disengaged. From this, it’s reasonable to assume that through the greater health of employees, these issues would lessen.

Bottom line benefits

As we’ve stated previously, it was once thought that promoting health didn’t necessarily add to the bottom line. However, we now know this to be false. Research shows that there is a new trend in business, today. A trend that says good health is good business. When it comes to the bottom line, few tactics is as beneficial as implementing a health scheme. Proving that employee health and wellbeing can improve the businesses ROI, all businesses could benefit.

Thickening out the bottom line is generally what most businesses want. And given that most employees want to be healthy and happy at work, it appears to be a win-win situation. Still, there are many businesses that don’t implement health into their business.


The Manager who Coaches – Customer Experience Magazine

Let’s define coaching in the workplace when you’re a manager.

Coaching is a purposeful, ongoing, one-to-one dialogue between a manager and the line employee for the purpose of developing skills and performance, and enhancing potential. It is distinctly different from performance assessment because it focuses on encouraging, motivating, and guiding the protégé to achieve higher goals.

If you find yourself with employees struggling to reach goals, you may be tempted to pull them over and discuss how they are missing the mark and the related consequences. However, here is where the coaching spirit should take over.
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